Fibaro system: the most advanced platform in home automation today

The home is a place of comfort and security. It is a space meant to specifically cater to your wants and needs. As such, you should be able to have complete control over its every aspect. Fibaro enables you to have the home of the future today with the latest and most advanced smart home technologies. With the Fibaro system, you can completely automate your entire indoor environment through a highly integrated system at the simple touch of a button.

Adjust your surroundings with fully-integrated, intelligent Fibaro technological solutions

The integrated system works through advanced miniaturised modules that can be installed virtually anywhere. Unlike other systems that require invasive installation procedures, Fibaro has designed the modules to be removable at any time. The flexible design allows for easy relocation and reintegration in the case of a home interior revamp or an interior redecoration. Moreover, the modules are compatible with virtually every electrical system.

Whether you have LED or fluorescent lights at home, the system is capable of adjusting your lighting fixtures to allow for comfortable luminescence in any room.

Aside from controlling lighting, the Fibaro system also allows you to remotely operate other devices, so you can have a fully enjoyable experience coming home. Have your coffee machine up and running before you arrive from work, so you can have a hot, refreshing cup while relaxing in your living room, which the Fibaro module has cooled down to your favourite temperature via the electronic thermostat.

Want to sleep under the beautiful blanket of the stars? Open up the skylight in your bedroom before you go upstairs with the touch of a button.

Extensive capabilities overlayed with a simple, navigable system interface

For ease of use, Fibaro has designed an easy-to-use interface to control the various modules installed in your home. The control technology is compatible with more than 300 independent manufacturers and devices, which allows users to tailor their home network according to their preferences.

More importantly, the control console can be installed directly into your mobile phone, so you can monitor your home, wherever you are.