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Best home automation Dubai packages for a Safer Smarter home

A higher quality of living. Safety. Comfort. These are things that we aspire to enjoy at home. Here at Mosan Technologies, it is our mission to provide innovative technological home systems and solutions that can be integrated seamlessly into our daily lives and make it better.

As one of the trusted smart home automation companies today, we aspire to make interactions between humans and home systems more enjoyable through smart home automation. Dubai homes and households across the UAE can benefit from our wide array of home security systems and environmental control technologies that tailor the living experience according to individual preference. Elevate your living experience today with the help of the leading home automation companies in Dubai and the UAE today – Mosan Technologies.

A comprehensive array of home systems and solutions to improve your living experience

Our smart technologies allow users to have complete control of their indoor experience within a singular, easy to navigate platform that can be accessed through their tablet or smart phone of choice. From remotely adjusting the temperature inside a particular room to dimming the lighting levels to suite your comfort, everything is made easier with our smart home solutions. We have partnered with numerous companies to provide the following:

  • Ergonomic swipe controllers
  • Z-wave range extenders
  • Environment controllers and thermostats
  • IR Remote Controllers
  • Light Dimmers
  • Light Variation Adjusters
  • Double Relay Switches

Working in a single functional network, these modular automation technologies can help you remotely adjust lighting, temperature, electronic windows, and doors with the single press of a button. More importantly, these installations are virtually invisible, with minimal interference on daily routines.

Ensuring your safety in Dubai or anywhere in UAE through cutting edge home security systems

In addition to making homes more tailored to individual preference, we also aim to make households safer through the most advanced security systems today. Our product line includes wall-mounted security cameras, key alarms, intelligent alarms, door and window sensors, smart motion sensors and the like to keep your place of residence protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our partnership with premier security solutions companies allows us to offer clients in Dubai and UAE the best solutions at the most affordable prices.