Protect your loved ones with the latest Myfox home alarm systems

Originating in Labège, France, Myfox is one of the fastest growing security solutions companies today. The company specialises in the research and development of modular security technologies that can be networked into a fully-functional, all-around system for your apartment or villa. With a corporate philosophy based on deterring threats before they materialise, the company has created highly intelligent products that build the security capabilities of the conventional home against modern day threats.

Myfox home control: delivering proactive security that is always a step ahead

The Myfox home control package comprises a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to give the homeowner complete control over the entire home security network. Included in the package is the Myfox home alarm, which is a smart, proactive system that prevents break-ins before they take place.

Integrated with IntelliTAG™ detection technology, the system is capable of minute vibrations that travel through doors, windows, and other personal belongings. Based on these vibrations, IntelliTAG™ alerts the homeowner before a break-in even occurs. This proactive approach makes the home alarm a formidable tool against potential perpetrators.

Paired with the smart alarm is the smart Security Camera, which allows you to open and close the camera shutter with a single tap from your paired smartphone. There should never be a compromise between privacy and security, and the Myfox Security Camera allows you to do just that by giving you the power to start and stop recording, whenever you want it to. Enjoy private occasions in the comfort of your own home, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from superior safety.

We help you source the most reliable products from all over the globe

Mosan Technologies has partnered with Myfox in order to deliver its world-class solutions to our clientele in Dubai and the rest of UAE. With our strong logistic partnership, we are able to quickly and efficiently offer the latest from the leading security technology solutions developers in the world.

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