Cutting-edge intrusion and fire alarm control panel systems in Dubai

Fires and burglaries are events that can severely impact businesses. Mosan Technologies aims to help companies and businesses in the city of Dubai and the rest of UAE prevent fires or intrusions through highly intelligent technologies that detect and deter potential threats before they even materialise. Investing in partnerships with leading innovators and established companies in safety and security, Mosan specialises in providing technological solutions that protect your investments, operations and your business overall.

Combining experience and expertise to offer the best alarm systems in the market today

More than 15 years of experience serving the UAE market has given us a unique insight into the unique and particular needs of the local market. By having a firm understanding of the needs of companies today, we are able to consistently expand our alarm systems product line to include new innovations designed to make Dubai offices, properties, and workspaces safer and more secure.

Have complete control over all the fire detection features of your office with a comprehensive fire alarm control panel. Centralise the control and management of your workspace’s fire alarm system settings with a simple tap on your tablet or smartphone. We can install and integrate the entire fire alarm system into your chosen device, and have all controls and notifications directly appear to you on a singular platform for ease of access and optimum efficiency.

Enjoy unmatched security with the latest intruder alarm system installed in your workspace, complete with CCTV cameras recording events inside your office non-stop, and motion detectors alerting you about any intrusion during off-work hours. We offer the following security solutions:

  • IP and analogue cameras
  • Keypad technologies
  • Fire detection systems
  • Building security network solutions
  • Access control products

Mosan Technologies can tailor fit your intruder alarm system to work according to the size of your property and your particular privacy preferences as well.

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