///Universal Interface, 2-fold, FM
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Universal Interface, 2-fold, FM

The Universal Interface has 2 channels which can be parameterised as inputs or outputs, e.g. for connection of conventional push-buttons, auxiliary contacts, LEDs and electronic relays ER/U 1.1. Requires ETS2 V1.2a.

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Product Description

The comprehensive functions provided in modern buildings with ABB i-bus® must be simple and intuitive for the user to operate. At the same time, clarity and comfortable operation are highly significant factors with regard to the sense of perceived value of a building installation. The Universal Interfaces US/U 2.2 and US/U 4.2 fulfil the individual demands both in the functional building as well as in the private sector. In the same manner, the planners of systems are presented with a whole range of application options regarding the realization of functions.

The Universal Interfaces US/U 2.2 (two channels) and US/U 4.2 (four channels) serve as the interface for comfortable operation of ABB i-bus® systems via conventional push buttons/switches or for reading out technical binary signals. Furthermore, they facilitate the control of LEDs as well as the Electronic Relay ER/U 1.1 for controlling electro-thermal control valves. The very compact design allows the installation of conventional 60 mm installation box, e.g. behind a conventional push button or switch. An exceptionally comprehensive and clearly arranged functionality permits usage in the most differing fields of application.


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