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SMARTtouch Panel colour

Free programmable KNX touch display as room-integrated controlling, signalling and regulating unit. Can be combined with various design styling frames made of genuine materials. For displaying and operating up to 210 KNX standard functions (switching, dim


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Product Description

The design of this display is available in four different colours. The light scene function has 40 memo objects and the alarm function has 50 alarm objects. The simulated presence records telegrams from up to 20 objects (1bit or 1 byte) via the bus and sends them again to the bus corresponding to the recording. In the message function each message received can be activated or deactivated via a separate communication object. Touch buttons with the application „Button“ have a feedback object. If a touch button with the application „Dimmer with slider“ is pressed long, an additional window with a sliding control (slider) for dimming opens. Via the logic function „Time function“ the functions of staircase lighting, switch-on delay and/or switch off delay can be implemented. The room thermostat is used to set the „Temperature display in adjustment mode“. Alternative to the „“Setpoint“, also the „Relative current setpoint (+/- K)“ can be displayed. Each page can be protected against unauthorized access by means of a PIN. There are four hierarchic levels. The screen saver can be deactivated by the user. The jump function can refer directly to the information page. For cleaning purposes the display can be temporarily blocked via a communication object. For a better overview during project planning, descriptive text may be added to light scenes, the time programs and the individual pages.


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