///Control element 5/10gang, MF/IR/RTC
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Control element 5/10gang, MF/IR/RTC

With integrated KNX bus coupler. With labelling field. Rocker switch left/right (switching/dimming/blind/value sender/light scenes/fan function). Control element with room thermostat function for triggering the heating, ventilation and fan-coil actuators.


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Product Description

Unique in form – versatile in function: Busch-triton® sensors are redefining the role of control elements. Without frame, but with a design that is eye-catching, modern and elegant, they become an irresistible attention-getter in every room. The innovative exterior gives the impression that the switch behind it is something unique. And it is in fact a versatile multi-functional element with an almost unlimited flexibility. The individual rocker switches can be freely programmed, with each side being able to trigger different functions. This makes the sensor an independent control center with an unbeatable price-performance-ratio because three rocker switches are turned into a 6-fold control element. The bus coupler is already integrated, making additional devices unnecessary. The ultimate in comfort is the result of the interaction between the Busch-triton® and a remote control for the convenient call-up of the different functions. The sensors can also be used for controlling the room climate. They sense the actual temperature value in the room and adjust the cooling or heating accordingly. Also fan coil actuators can be controlled.

usch-triton® is available in different versions with one, three or five rocker switches, with or without room thermostat function. Each of the individual buttons can be labelled, making operation especially easy. The subdued lighting additionally provides orientation in the dark. The design with its five noble colours fits into every environment. The colours and the quality of the surfaces are also found in other Bush-Jaeger switch ranges, to ensure that entire technical facilities of the building, from the control element to the socket outlet, can be selected to match perfect visually.


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