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Home Safety & Security

Automatic disarmament, presence detection, everything you need to facilitate your daily life

Smarty Energy Management

Works with Nest,

Automate Yourself

No commitment, on-demand,
best price / high quality

Video Monitoring

Battery back-up | Tamper protection Encrypted Communication

Premium protection from one of the best security system companies in Dubai

Have you heard the saying “better safe than sorry”?
We believe in “be safe from worries”
Mosan Technologies is a UAE- based company specialized in smart automation, safety and security solutions.
‘Mosan’ in Arabic simply means protected. With that constantly in our mind, we invest in research and enhancement of networking technology to reach modern solutions for everyday challenges and concerns in favour of our users’ convenience.

We come to you with more than fifteen years of quality and innovation in system integration technology, primarily focusing on inner-connectivity of devices and machine-to-machine communication.

Invest in the most advanced security systems Dubai businesses and homes can avail today

As the forerunner amidst security system companies in Dubai and the UAE, our aim is to provide our clientele with highly innovative security systems and solutions designed to face the modern day challenges of businesses in the region. Companies function through the availability of their physical and virtual assets. These include invaluable corporate data, secure virtual intra-company systems, physical networks, and computing terminals.

Given the complex, interlinked nature of businesses today, the best way to completely protect physical and virtual assets is through a comprehensive security system that works organically and reacts to threats immediately. At Mosan, we have some of the most experienced and insightful safety and security experts in the field today, working to provide our clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions to protect their systems, networks, and physical assets.

Our comprehensive range of intelligent home and security systems

We have built our success as one of the premier security companies in UAE by evolving with the times, adopting new technologies, and creating innovative solutions to counter new and rising challenges. Our product range includes the following solutions:

Mosan can provide end-to-end packages that meet the exact needs of your space in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. We can design a complete system for your home or office comprising cutting-edge technologies that respond intelligently to any threat.

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